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Eventbrite Payment Processing and PayPal

In this video, we are going to go over what your Payment options are and how to set up your preferred option. Eventbrite offers two payment processing options: Eventbrite Payment Processing which is direct deposit, or PayPal.

Certain features are only available if you use Eventbrite Payment Processing, such as Reserved Seating, Registration Transfers, and passing on all fees to the attendee. If you are using PayPal, only the Eventbrite Service Fee can be passed on to your attendees.

Starting from your event dashboard, once you have at least 1 paid ticket type setup, navigate to the left-hand side menu, click on Payments & Tax, and select payment options. You’ll see the country where your bank is situated and the currency you are collecting in. Below that you can set the payment processor.

PayPal Payment processing gives you the option to set up online payments for countries and currencies where Eventbrite Payment Processing is not available.

In addition to extra features, selecting Eventbrite Payment Processing means Eventbrite is the merchant of record and manages chargebacks for you to help save you money. Fees will be dependent on your account. For more information on Eventbrite fees, please visit our help center.

You can change your payment processor up until you sell your first ticket.

You can also add additional payment options for attendees such as accepting checks or the option to pay at the event or pay by invoice, by setting up offline payment options in addition to online payment.

That’s how you set up your payment processing on Eventbrite!

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